The Gospel, According to Ken Ham

gospel according to ken ham
Taken from Ham's Facebook page, a slide he uses

Poor guy… and he wonders why people say what they say about him…

So, this is the Gospel? If you believe in Young Earth Creationism, then you will get to fly away… Really?

Poor guy.. doesn’t even understand the New Testament… why in the world do people continue to listen to this deluded soul?

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5 Replies to “The Gospel, According to Ken Ham”

  1. For a one frame, simple, visual representation, I don’t see anything there which warrants your condescension and derision. So based on your obviously superior understanding of the New Testament, will believers not be in heaven with Christ after they die? If so, please prove it.

    1. First, it implies that Young Earth Creationism is part of the Gospel – it’s not. Second, it implies that people “fly away.” They don’t. Read the Scripture.

      1. Does it really imply YEC? I would conceed that it implies a creation that was considered to be “very good” by God, but that is all. Perhaps I am missing something? Furthermore, Paul envisioned a “flying away” at the coming of our Lord, even though this probably should be understood as going up to escort Jesus to earth. This is perhaps not the image I would have chosen for the end times. If anything, considering that the picture starts with creation, I would have had something related to the restoration of the creation at the end.

        Not the best gospel presentation, but I personally do not see anything wrong with the picture.

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