The Good, The Bad, And The Ugly

Most of you will have heard by now the the Council of Bishops has reached their recommendation. Like everything about this process, it’s a mixed bag. You can read about it if you need to catch up.

So first the good news. There will be some sort of traditionalist plan presented alongside two other plans. This is somewhat surprising since the traditionalist plan was discarded fairly quickly. It seems that there just might be a few Wesleyan bishops left after all. They are to be commended for making this happen.

The bad is that the official recommendation from the bishops is the local option that has already been considered and rejected multiple times. Like everyone, I have some thoughts about why this is. My first thought is that there has been an agenda that was being pushed all along. It sounds conspiratorial even as I type it, but there is a lot of evidence that seems to suggest this very thing. From the beginning there have been many people, myself included, that were convinced that when it was all said and done, the local option would be what the recommendation would be. Since I am being admittedly conspiratorial, I am very curious of the vote count. Is the recommendation a true majority, as in over fifty percent, or do they mean a plurality?

Unfortunately, there seems to be more ugly than anything else. A few things come to mind off the top of my head. The first thing that I noticed was that there was no mentions of graceful exits. I noticed because all through this process, the Council has gone out of it’s way to keep mentioning this. If it’s a simple oversight, then it is a bad one given the climate of distrust in general and continual cries of no confidence in the bishops. It may mean nothing. It may mean something. We don’t know. This leads to the next piece of ugly….we don’t know. Still. At this point it frankly seems like shenanigans. With each new update from the bishops it seems we know less and not more. That is a failure on their part. It’s ugly that they have a recommendation, but there was apparently enough significant dissent to the recommendation that two other proposals are to be included. It’s ugly that the bishops can not do what they were asked to. It’s ugly that millions of dollars have resulted in us being in the exact same place we have been over and over again.