The God I don’t believe in

In Sunday School, we were talking about our images of God and whether or not they are able to shift and grow as we do. Many times, people develop images of God which will never grow and thus, when they hit a wall their god crumbles. So, instead of realizing that they limited God, they see only that their god is the only god and since that god doesn’t exist, then no god exists. So, it got me to thinking about the gods which I have at one time or another believed in.

Way back when, in a little fundamentalist church north of Baton Rouge, Louisiana, we were told many stories, one of which I think I’ll share.

There was a little girl who wanted to go to church. She had a beautiful voice, and was going to be in the choir. Well, her father decided that he didn’t want to her to go to church and caused her to stay home. So, for a few years, she didn’t go to church… And then, she was stricken with a terrible disease… And was on her death bed. During her final hours, she could be heard crying that her feet were on fire. She was, of course, going to go to hell.

That was a god which I grew up with. I no longer believe in that god…

What about you?

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15 Replies to “The God I don’t believe in”

  1. Wow. I am sorry to know you heard that story. Tragic and uninformed. While people may have that happen in hell, I doubt that really happened. My G-d may judge people, but that is after the fact of passing.

  2. Although God is love, passionately pursues us, will leave the 99 to find the lost one, sees us as valuable enough to give up everything to purchase our freedom from sin, is grace to our soul, forgives us when we mess up, even with all that, there is still a heaven and a hell. I prefer to emphasize heaven. But there is a separation from God for the lost when they perish. No, I don’t think that story is true, about the girl, that it was told? unfortunately yes. Don’t agree though with the thought that her punishment would begin before her death.

  3. No we are accountable for our own sin not our parents. I guess we are looking at age of accountably? There are a lot of what ifs that we could discuss, that the answers aren’t revealed in scripture, and only our loving and just God has answers to. I would like to believe that God would welcome a young child to His home. I know of insances in some Muslim countries where its illegal to convert to Chritianity but people were converting secretly. And I think God honors that. So I would hope that God would honor a young child’s desire to know him.

      1. Honestly Joel, I will have to get back to you on the age of accountability as I don’t have a scripture for you on that. Its more of a term I have heard used in sermons so thank you for asking as it will cause me to investigate! I have asked some of my more Biblicly learned friends for some insights.

        1. I stand corrected as my friends tell me that they know of no scriptures that refer to an age of accountibility. My apologies for that misrepresentation.

  4. Most stories have a context and a purpose. Given that this story was probably told as part of a sermon in that fundamentalist church, its purpose was not only to ensure that people gave their lives to Christ, but that they did it in that church, because it was the only ‘sound’ one around. The image of God is horrific and tyrannical, the underlying image of judgment a typically shallow misinterpretation (for ‘church purposes’, ie reinforcement of the group). I do believe in judgment, but not anything like this. If it were shown to me that this was a true representation of the Christian God, I’d walk away right now.

    But then, what do I know? I’m a Methodist – that makes me an irredeemable liberal, or something equally heretical!

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