The Founder’s Bible? My propensity for ironic titles is gone #foundersbible

This is disgusting… To be published by the same people who published The Shack, perhaps the most awful piece of literature for Christians since ever. Now, this.

Here are some particulars. The Founders’ Bible contains the entire Bible text of the New American Standard Bible translation. In addition, it features more than 150 articles (averaging 4 pages each) by our Signature Historian David Barton covering everything from the founding of the first American colony in Jamestown, Virginia, on May 14 of 1607, forward to the present day. It deals with virtually every political hot button including Radical Islam’s current Jihad against America. The Founders’ Bible is scheduled for a very specific release the end of July 2012. And general release in August of 2012. Based on our early projections, our first 50,000 units will be sold within a very short span of time necessitating an immediate second printing.

David Barton? A “Signature Historian?” What the… Lockman Foundation should be ashamed of letting the text of the NASB fall into these hands.

See here for more insight. The website is here.

Can you imagine what the Prophets and Apostles would have said to this? This is an abuse of Scripture – a blasphemy. An abomination.

(HT – Rodney who called me on this)

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