The Foreword Has Been Written – #mutedhosannas

I am getting very excited about this.  My book Muted Hosannas is very close to becoming an actual real thing.  I’ve sent proof pages back to the editor with some final (I hope) changes and corrections, and my friend, Joel Watts, has finally come out of his medication induced stupor to write the foreword.

You never begin a piece of writing, foreword or otherwise, with a cliché; however, a picture is truly worth 1,000 words.

Experiences, those finite moments buried deep in the recesses of our mind, only to be trotted out in our honor but never fully shared, are perhaps worth more. To find a way to combine these things, pictures and experiences, is a remarkable feat worth only enough words to present the rawest of emotions.

Jeff Carter has in these few short pages given you and I a glimpse into the experiences, both before and behind the camera. Emerging from his 2014 trip to the Holy Land, Carter has compiled still-imaged experiences, adding to them the poetry evolving from these encounters. They are not long soliloquies burdening the reader, but measured statements of the heart, Carter’s heart, whereby we are able to get a glimpse of a place many will never see. Further, we are able to briefly exist with our poet in the time and place in which he stood as he experienced for himself, for the first time, the sights and sounds of the Holy Land.

There is something else, too. There are images and poems about the Christian year. Carter has given us more calendric Christians a use for this book. It becomes a devotional as well. Equally so, for the more lyrical minded, Carter’s third section presents us haikus. Haikus. His poetic talent is almost endless, as is the beauty of this book.</em>

I would encourage you, in the years to come, to take this small book with you on your travels. Let it give you not only joy, but also an emboldened view of the adventure of experiencing something.</em>

Joel L. Watts, Author

The book will be available soon (though I don’t have more specific dates) from Frontier Press.

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