The Feast Day of Melito, Bishop of Sardis – 1 April

I’ve scheduled several (re)posts today in honor of the Bishop fo Sardis who declared God was killed, that we need to use the Hebrew bible, and other things. Today, is his feast day.

Bishop of Sardis, prominent ecclesiastical writer in the latter half of the second century. Few details of his life areknown. A letter of Polycrates of Ephesus to Pope Victor about 194 (Eusebius, Church History V.24) states that “Melito the eunuch , whose whole walk was in the Holy Spirit”, was interred at Sardis, and had been one of the great authorities in the Church of Asia who held the Quartodeciman theory. His name is cited also in the “Labyrinth” of Hippolytus as one of the second-century writers who taught the duality of natures in Jesus. St. Jerome, speaking of the canon of Melito, quotes Tertullian’s statement that he was esteemed a prophet by many of the faithful. (here)


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