The End of Theology

Well…. maybe not. Dr. Kirk is correct, I believe, that….

I do worry about certain ways of doing theology, and want to push for a reconeptualization of Christian theology away from systematic theology and confessional theology and creedal theology to something that more inherently embodies the narrative character of scripture, God, the church, and (I believe) the cosmos.

Theology is Important | Storied Theology.

Agreed. Why is it that we are so afraid to reexamine our theology? Anyway, great post. Again.

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3 Replies to “The End of Theology”

  1. Hey, Joel.

    Why, you ask? I assume you mean aside from the fact that all our fiefdom boundaries are built upon theological distinctions. Other than that reason, you mean, surely.

    And I genuinely have no idea.

  2. we are afraid to reexamine our theology for two reasons
    1. It forces many of us to ask difficult probing questions about our comfortable beliefs that may cause our carefully constructed theological framework to weaken

    2. We are too lazy.

  3. This quote from Emil Brunner is germane:

    “In contrast to the doctrinal activity of the non-Christian religions or philosophies, the Christian message is, first of all, narrative, not doctrine.”

    Brunner, Emil. Dogmatics (Kindle Locations 716-717). Philadelphia,: Westminster Press.

    I’d like to see a narrativized creed. An authoritative Story. Perhaps that is what Scripture is..

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