The end of the celibate priesthood?

The ‘A Reluctant Sinner’ Blog has an insightful post on celibacy in the Catholic priesthood and a suggestion that Benedict XVI may allow married priests. Among the blogger’s claims on the culture of the priesthood are:

* ‘seminaries are … viewed as “gay hostels”‘.
* ’30-50% of Catholic priests suffer from the disorder’ .
* ‘the priesthood is effectively a gay profession in the West’.
* ‘an increasing in “camp priests” precisely during the 1970s onwards’ as priests left to get married.
* it risks becoming the ‘order of the effete’.

The full post:

There has been a very slight increase in men training to be priests in recent years, but the number remains low. The Catholic Church in Sydney recently blamed the Catholic community for the lack of priests, neatly ignoring any fault by the Vatican.

The many thousands of men and women who do theology courses at Catholic and other Universities and Bible colleges shows that there is not a lack of people wanting to minister and serve in the name of Jesus. The Vatican just needs to give the Catholic students a chance.

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