The drought? That’s the President’s fault

Obama, “continues to blame anyone and everyone for the drought but himself,” reads a release from Boehner’s office posted online and distributed to reporters Monday. The quote was attributed to Boehner himself in a Financial Times story. The online post and the press release came from Boehner spokesperson Kevin Smith. (here)

Oh come on… I know it was later corrected to suggest that the President is not responding to the drought (I guess maybe by praying for rain?), but this is still a bit cra-cray.

I remember it was Eric Cantor who tried to keep Federal funds from helping victims in Missouri.

This blame game… is sad. it is not laughable, just sad.

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4 Replies to “The drought? That’s the President’s fault”

  1. You are, right… the blame game is sad. The President is to blame for the drought just like President Bush was to blame for hurricanes. And by the way, Joel, you’re to blame for all the bad arguments that are made on all the op-ed pages of all the major newspapers in the country. I think you should know that.

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