the devotio of Emperor Otho

Cassius Dio ...The Jewish Impact on Civilizati...
Cassius Dio …The Jewish Impact on Civilization (August 17, 2012 / 29 Av 5772) …item 2.. Moody Blues – Question – Royal Albert Hall … (Photo credit: marsmet542)

“Enough, quite enough, has already happened. I hate civil war, even though I conquer; and I love all Romans, even though they do not side with me. Let Vitellius be victor, since this has pleased the gods; and let the lives of his soldiers also be spared, since this pleases me. Surely it is far better and far more just that one should perish for all than many for one, and that I should refuse on account of one man alone to embroil the Roman people in civil war and cause so great a multitude of human beings to perish. For I certainly should prefer to be a Mucius, a Decius, a Curtius, a Regulus, rather than a Marius, a Cinna, or a Sulla — not to mention other names. Therefore do not force me to become one of these men that I have, nor grudge me the privilege of imitating one of those that I commend. But as for you, be off to the victor and pay court to him; as for me, I shall free myself, that all mean may learn from the event that you chose for our emperor one who would not give you up to save himself, but rather himself to save you.”

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