The Development of Christology

The esteemable blogger, Mike Koke, lists three views on the development of Christology. Can you guess which one I would fall into? The winner receives 1,000,000 Joeldom dollars, roughly equal to just the other side of nothing. Anyway, check out his post.

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31 Replies to “The Development of Christology”

  1. I’ll pass on guessing. But just a financial caution–flooding that much currency into Joeldom will result in rising prices, and it’ll make it hard for your older subjects on pensions to have trouble paying for their daily needs. Think, Joel! Think!

  2. Thank you, you are too kind calling me “esteemable” 🙂 Anyways, from trying to browse through some of your book reviews and posts on the Godhead I would guess you are in Group B – though I did not realize before browsing that you accept modalism so perhap you would reject that the early Christians had a “binitarian devotional pattern”?

    1. I can see the ‘binitarian devotional pattern’ and would classify myself more along the lines of the economic modal of the early Church.

      I am in Group B – but like any other person who prints his own money, I am rethinking the offer.

    1. Are you trying to upload it here or through your wordpress account? If the wp account, which is the best way, it might take a day or so to ‘get around.’

      1. I already have it on my wordpress account. I thought this might be different and when I saw the thing below I tried here. It even had my previous ‘gravatars’ ready waiting for me to choose. I have that slightly ambiguous ‘Q’s design as well as several pictures of Delilah.

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