The Curse of Canaan? Why Africa is Like it Is

Jason had posted on this belief found among many – white and black – that the reason that Africa is in the shape it is in is due to the curse of Ham or some variation. One of this commentators posted this:

Such an exhaustive study of The Curse of Canaan. Servant of servants means extreme poverty, or poorer than any other of the nations on Earth. Can anyone explain Black African extreme poverty and not come to the conclusion that Black people are the Canaanites? Since there is nothing wrong with Africa, it’s potential for economic growth is inexhaustible by man, and there is more right with Black people than the other peoples of the Earth, then the Gen. chapter 9 account must be literally correct. This is tangible proof that God must exist. We should explain this to the Atheists of the world. Also all other forms of religion especially the Koran can be discarded, since this truth is not found in it.

Yes, that’s right. Centuries of Western Colonialism proves that God exists.

I try to love all people, but sometimes, I find it really difficult to do so…

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