The Crusades as a Counter-Invasion?

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Haven’t really looked at this way, but a new book suggests that we reverse our normal way of thinking about several Catholic-related items. One of them is the Crusades:

On the matter of the Crusades, Coren pointed out that the Holy Land was Christian and subsequently invaded by Muslims.

It is wrong to consider the Crusades as some kind of imperialism or colonialism, according to Coren. Far from being an exercise in exploitation and reaping profits, many noble families were bankrupted by the expense of arming a knight and maintaining him and his retinue.

Modern research has disproved the affirmation that many crusaders were the sons of poor families looking for plunder. In fact, they were often the cream of European chivalry, Coren explained.

In the territories conquered by the Crusades the Muslim population was able to continue its normal life and there wasn’t even any serious attempt to convert them to Christianity. What can we conclude about the Crusades, Coren asked.

via ZENIT – Defending the Catholic Church.

What if it was pictured as a counter-invasion?

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2 Replies to “The Crusades as a Counter-Invasion?”

  1. Coren’s book is an interesting read but I found it a bit disappointing. He’s more Catholic than the Pope, as the expression goes! But he’s right about the Crusades.

    See Rodney Stark’s book about the Crusades for a book-length treatment.

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