The Cross Wins!

Storm damage on I-75 near the Huntsville-Oneida exit no more than a few hours ago according to the original picture taker: (so far no news that anyone was hurt, as such it has a humor value to it…)


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21 Replies to “The Cross Wins!”

    1. Perhaps so. I’d expect all the owners of the cars would have headed for the exit, and the car lot would be empty. I don’t think the men would want their wives to see their car parked outside, waiting for the local clean-up crew. Besides, what church, or obsessed cross builder, would put up a cross next to a girlie location? Or what business owner of porno would want a cross next to his business. This is an example of Milton’s wishfull thinking. Usually, it doesn’t work out that way. Usually, innocent victims are killed, not sinners seeing the error of their ways!

      1. Not sure if the falling off the cross is real, but there are 3 crosses next to the “adult world” along with a billboard that says Jesus is watching you (at least the billboard was there for many years). I drive past this area many many times.

      2. Also, notice the difference in shading (shadows) between the cross and the building. The light to dark transition on the cross only make sense if it was originally photographed in a vertical position. Furthermore, there is no evidence of other damage that is typically found in storm-ravaged areas. In particular, something as big as that cross appears to be seldom survives a tumble intact. As with other objects, it not the fall that does the damage so much as it is the sudden stop at the end that seals their fate.

  1. That is the worst photoshopped job I’ve seen since my first-grade daughter played with the program. All this does is give nonbelievers something to use to attack believers as liars and deceivers. And if you are going to lie, at least photoshop a shadow into the picture on a sunny photo.

      1. All those pickup trucks and camaro’s in the parking lot added authenticity. The pickups needed a few gun racks, though.

    1. As with a license to sell used cars, a license to preach is often taken as a legitimate excuse to lie.

  2. Please, read the title of the post… can you not sense the jocosity in it? No more than a few hours ago? Hours of what?
    Does anyone really think that my theology includes huge man made not accurately and historically designed crosses to fall into adult stores? Because there isn’t anyone hurt (I wrote this because I work with attorneys and also with some pretty fundamentalist indignation industry people) there is a “humor” in it?
    I didn’t even check if it was real… I just thought it was conveniently odd worth publishing it… here and on F.B. Even if it was real this picture only proves that the foundation of the “cross” was not strong enough and that it was to close to an adult store…
    I just wanted to read how many jokes with can draw from it… I have a few but the ministry decorum and my reverence for certain Christian values prevents me from expressing them in public…
    Disclaimers: I don’t believe that supposedly Christian monuments will, shall crumble in places where allegedly and likely, sinners attend (like churches, for example…) 😉

  3. Christians condemning adult book stores is another case of a pot calling a kettle black since both the church and the adult entertainment industry exhibit unhealthy attitudes toward sex in a war of PRUDES versus PERVERTS. Of course, in far too many instances, Christian ministers have proven to be both public prudes and private perverts!

  4. Silly me, and here I thought it was a pretty funny photo that made me giggle, not something to quibble over.

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