The Creation Story is Liturgy?

As of late, my contention that the Creation story is more theological than scientific, okay – completely theological, but there are times when authors, scholars and others seek to make too much of the connection between Genesis and other ANE literature. Yes, there is a connection, and more than just a whisper or faint echo, but of a strong cultural connection. For me, I see the ancient Hebrews as showing through the Creation account the superiority not only of God, but of the entire religion, to that of the gods and lords of the ANE, their creation stories, and their cults. (Still working on a few things with that, but….). However, we cannot deny the connection.

In quoting Brueggemann, the blogger writers,

“The sustained affirmation of this liturgy of creation is that the world (all of heaven, all of earth) is willed and seen by God to be ‘good,’ that is, lovely, beautiful, pleasing (1:10, 12, 18, 21). This reiterated affirmation that we imagine to be a congregational response to a priestly litany, culminates in verse 31 with the intensified phrase ‘very good.’ This affirmation of the goodness of creation has been decisive for the Jewish and Christian traditions as a foundation for a life-affirming, world-affirming horizon with a determined appreciation of the good of the material world in all its dimensions . . . including sexuality and economics. This tradition will have nothing to do with world-denying, world-denigrating, or world-escaping religious impulses that characterize too much popular faith in U.S. culture.”

You can read the rest of the post here:

The Creation Story is Liturgy: A Solution to Science and Religion Debate? » Evangel | A First Things Blog.

A liturgy, of sorts, may explain the double creation, as well as the more rhythmic portions of the Creation account. What say yet?

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3 Replies to “The Creation Story is Liturgy?”

  1. I find Walton’s argument (at least concerning Gen 1) compelling, but I’ve recently heard advocated the argument that the creation accounts of Gen 1 and 2 are polemics against different ANE cosmological beliefs–Gen 1 against Egyptian mythology and Gen 2 against Babylonian. I am waiting on some research sources that have been recently published that advance this argument. From what my prof reiterated, it was quite convincing.

  2. I like parts of his approach, but ultimately, I think that they are polemics against it, that God is shown to be purposed, ordered, that Creation is to be good, and that humanity is not a by product nor made only to serve the gods.

  3. I have to say my favorite element of the whole creation “liturgy” is the fact that God created the world in an act of eloquent speech. Creation is indeed good, and created by the good Word of the creator, in fact, rather than some bloody or violent cosmic cataclysm.

    Mmmm… love that Brueggemann.

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