The Conspiracy Theorist behind the Angus T. Jones “awakening”

Yesterday, I am a million other bloggers and members of the Illuminati controlled media (why is it always the Illuminati and not The Association of Betty Crocker Enthusiasts?), posted the story that Jones, the “half” star  of Two and Half Men had gone full blown cult.

There are some other worries as well. Yes, he has made a video with the normative Seventh Day Adventist cult church but it is the video he made with Christopher Hudson that is most troublesome. Hudson, a 7th Day’er, is a well known conspiracy nut job.

Jones is rhapsodic about Hudson, who attributes their meeting to “God’s work.” But the actor’s spiritual mentor is a controversial figure who has long been waging a religious war on the entertainment industry and liberal America. In 2009, he gained notoriety after releasing a documentary on YouTube called The Jay-Z Deception, in which he accused the rapper of being a devil-worshipping Freemason. He also has declared masturbation a sin and referred to President Obama’s health-care plan as a “carbon copy” of Hitler’s health-care policies. In a recent scaremongering video, Hudson said New York City’s post-Hurricane Sandy gas shortage was a harbinger of a food-shortage crisis and cannibalism, referencing a “similar” event in the Bible when the city of Jerusalem was seized by the Roman armies in 70 A.D: “It was so severe that women began to cannibalize their own children. Your baby may start looking like a chicken wing.”

Officially, Hudson is not a pastor in the SDA church, but nevertheless, sans conspiracy, he seems to be pretty orthodox SDA, weird eschatological fantasies and all.

What worries me is that in the recent month, Jones has had various views about his show.

Let me tell you what I think he going on. I think he has suffered a mental break. We are seeing the first reactions to his new reality and it will get worse, I think, a lot worse.

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11 Replies to “The Conspiracy Theorist behind the Angus T. Jones “awakening””

  1. Not a fan of the show. Jones’s plea for us not to watch it affects me in no way whatever. I do wonder if there isn’t tiger blood in the coffee at the caterer’s wagon on set, though.

    Jones is under contract for another year. I wonder what the writers might concoct for his character after that little outburst. Hmmmm…

          1. You seem to say that if an SDA said it, it’s not worth listening to. That’s either an ad hom fallacy [Beweisrede zum Menschen] (poisoning the well) or guilt by association. What did he say that was untrue?

          2. So you are denying you said “I think he has suffered a mental break. We are seeing the first reactions to his new reality and it will get worse, I think, a lot worse.” or that has was an SDA nutjob anf shouldn’t be listened to?

          3. Ant,

            Notice part of what you are accusing me of are in fact my own words, and another way is yours. Just like what Satan does in the Gospels.

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