The Coming End of the Anglican Communion?

Things are getting nasty in merry olde England!

When the Primates of the Anglican Communion meet next month in Dublin, Ireland, there will be eleven empty chairs, possibly more. Of the 38 Primates expected to show up, only 27 will take their seats opposite the Archbishop of Canterbury and the Rev. Canon Kenneth Kearon, Secretary General of the Anglican Consultative Council.

It will be a defining moment for Dr. Rowan Williams who has fought hard to keep the Anglican Communion together. Missing will be archbishops from Africa, the Middle East, South East Asia and the Southern Cone. Two of the African provinces – Nigeria and Uganda – comprise some 31 million of the Communion’s 70 million Anglicans.

By any measure, it can only be viewed as the biggest single embarrassment for the titular head of the Anglican Communion and seen as a failure of Anglican comprehensiveness and unity. It may also signal the unraveling of a Covenant aimed at holding the communion together.

On the other hand, it will be viewed as a “victory” for Western pan-Anglican liberal primates and their agenda for a more open, progressive, less doctrinaire, but more accommodating to a culture that embraces pansexuality.

via VirtueOnline – News – Exclusives – Dublin Could be Archbishop of Canterbury’s Waterloo.

I foresee that many Anglican conservatives will make their way, fully into Rome while the Anglican liberals will find their leadership in the U.S. and Canada.

Where Tom Wright ends up, I dunno.

Wonder if King William will still have an Anglican Church?

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6 Replies to “The Coming End of the Anglican Communion?”

  1. There are a lot of ‘ordinary rank and file’ Anglicans who don’t have a problem, and will simply go on being Anglicans. There won’t be that many go off to Rome, in spite of all the scare stories. As to Rome being “the best we’ve got”, that depends entirely on what you were looking for. As a critical-evangelical Methodist, very suspicious of the historic ‘Catholic heresy’, I beg to differ. I reckon Constantine, Augustine and Aquinas between them have a lot to answer for – what they’ve left us seems at times a long way from following Jesus.

  2. Even the Anglican church completely disappeared in Europe it would but leave a small hole in the Anglican community on a global scale.

    Africa has the highest number of Anglican’s then any other nation; particularly Nigeria. And they do know their gospel and are aghast with what is happening with the gospel in the western world.

  3. I never really found 1688 to be very glorious. I’m sure many of the Scots, the Irish, the Nonconformists and for that matter the French would probably concur as well……..

    It’s a new era in the UK….there will be much that is bad, but I can also see tremendous opportunities for the Gospel to work in a way that it hasn’t for a long time……..

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