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I was asked by a good friend the other day regarding if I thought that the way society goes will or should the Church follow. My contention is that no. The Body of Christ stands in a safe and abiding place, and must in of itself protect society.

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Notable quotations from Catholic social teaching on the theme of Work and Workers’ Rights

Work remains a good thing, not only because it is useful and enjoyable, but also because it expresses and increases the worker’s dignity. Through work we not only transform the world, we are transformed ourselves, becoming “more a human being.”

On Human Work, (Donders translation), #9



The obligation to earn one’s bread presumes the right to do so. A society that denies this right cannot be justified, nor can it attain social peace.

The Hundredth Year (Donders translation), #43



Human work is the key to the solution … of the whole “social question.” To consider work is of decisive importance when trying to make life “more human.”

On Human Work, (Donders translation), #3


All work has a threefold moral significance. First, it is a principle way that people exercise the distinctive human capacity for self-expression and self-realization. Second, it is the ordinary way for human beings to fulfill their material needs. Finally, work enables people to contribute to the well-being of the larger community. Work is not only for one’s self. It is for one’s family, for the nation, and indeed for the benefit of the entire human family.

Economic Justice for All, #97

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