The case for Uniformity

Reading a bit today and thought this was interesting:

A great number of people … do willfully and schismatically abstaine and refuse to come to theire parish churches … and by the great and scandalous neglect of ministers in using the said order or liturgy set forth and enjoyned … unhappy troubles have arisen and grown and many people have been led into factions and schismes … to the hazard of many souls … Be it enacted that … All ministers in any … place of public worship … shall be bound to say and use … such order and forme as mencioned in … The Book of Common Prayer.

That is the Act if Uniformity of 1662.

Imagine that… a collection of liturgies, filled with diversity, causing schism. It’s almost like the root word of community is common and unity.

I’m not saying we shouldn’t have some diversity, but in our liturgical practices, if we don’t have a commonality, we will fracture.

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