The Biblical Plague of Hollywood

In addition to “Noah,” Time Warner’s Warner Bros. Pictures is developing a movie about Moses, tentatively titled “Gods and Kings,” which Steven Spielberg is in talks to direct, according to people familiar with the matter. Warner Bros. also recently acquired the script for “Pontius Pilate.” Another Moses project, “Exodus,” is in development at News Corp.’s 20th Century Fox, with Chernin Entertainment producing and Ridley Scott expected to direct. (News Corp. also owns The Wall Street Journal.)

No offense to the Muslims, but you really should come off of the no images of the Prophet thing.

Anyway, I am pretty interested in seeking all of these. You?

I would love to see Judges made into a movie… Maybe Ruth…

Oh, and Song of Solomon. Of course, the children couldn’t see it, but…

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4 Replies to “The Biblical Plague of Hollywood”

  1. They came out w/ Jeremiah which was pretty good. I’d like to see Hosea made into a would be rather interesting..especially if they made it take place in modern times (like 2012 in NYC).

  2. I want Hollywood to turn the Canaanite Genocide into a three-hour marathon. A completely literal depiction, of course. For the two times the Amalekites are slaughtered the second batch can be zombies . . .

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