The Bible Justifies Slavery (0-1865)

Paula, with whom I don’t always agree, and might not agree fully here, has an excellent point that I believe we should take to heart. The bible has been used for a variety of reasons, but it generally comes down to two things:

  • To become justified
  • To justify your actions

Let’s be honest – the bible is used far more than it is actually read. I mean, there is really not a position, political or social or religious, which we cannot use the bible for. As a matter of fact, if you read it right, There is no God. I mean, I’ve heard people quote from Job’s philosophical friends as pure gospel without a second thought. (Context, people, context!)

She writes, after a whole host of quotes from people who justify slavery from the Bible,

A careful reading of those quotes and their contexts could easily spawn many applications to issues facing the Christian community today, from how political we should be to how we use (or abuse) scripture to suit a preconceived conclusion. But I want to focus on two things right now: how these very arguments for slavery in the US could be lifted almost without alteration to support the resurgance of patriarchy / male supremacy in the Christian community at large, and also the charge that it is elitist to insist that accurate interpretation of scripture does require the expertise of scholars at some point.

After more material for thought, she ends with,

Personal convictions, whether political or religious, should never be held lightly, buried in the sand, or worshiped as divine. Truth fears no examination.

Paula, I couldn’t agree more. Now, we might disagree on a few things, Paula and I, but she has a good point about reexamining our convictions – wait, you go read her post and see what you get out of it.

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