The Bible is the Mark of the Beast!

Yay for biblical literacy!

THE BIBLE IS THE MARK OF THE BEAST You don’t have to be smart to know Jesus. This morning I saw my 1 year old ripping a bible, He knows Jesus just fine. Lest you become as a little child. The apostles were unlearned men. Some of them couldn’t read. The power is in the spirit They have also ripped up books like “Marley and the kittens”, and “Mickey Mouse books”.

Depravity. Stupidity. I don’t have enough nice words.

‘Mark of the beast’ – words found only in Scripture…

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3 Replies to “The Bible is the Mark of the Beast!”

  1. Ahh…if you notice, the pages ripped were at the front of the book, most likely Genesis, not Revelation. The baby is obviously a prodigy biologist or physicist.

  2. What?? !!! “Mark of the beast” are “words found only in scripture”? What nonsense – any teenager attending a YWAM sports camp would hear these words about five minutes into Cliff Graham’s talk on his role as an army chaplain during Operation Lasting Peace. Hab SoSlI’ Quch! And have you never read Book Eight in the Left Behind series, you useless t’ooho’mIrah? As James Barr points out in Holy Scripture: Canon, Authority, Criticism, people believed in Yahweh before there was any scripture at all. Ha’DIbaH.

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