The Apostles were Methodists

Abelard and his pupil, Héloïse, by Edmund Blai...
Peter Abelard and his 'student'

Jim has erred. Again. He contends, as a response to Jason Miller’s argument, that there were different Judaisms and several different early sects of Christianity.

Jews in Jesus’ day argued as much among themselves as Jews of our day. This is why all talk of ‘the Jews’ or even ‘Jews’ requires extensive qualification and why New Testament scholars need to be much more careful in describing ‘Judaism’. The general population isn’t equipped to know which fragment of the many Judaisms are in mind when writers use the word ‘Jew’.

Wrong, Jim.

We all know that Christianity has always existed as the exact same thing, in the exact same way, with the exact same interpretations, and the exact same viewpoints as the Apostles.

We can trace the arc of history from Peter to Paul to John to Ignatius, Polycarp and Papias to Montanus to Marcellus and Abelard to Wesley and finally, to me.  There is not a whisper of a difference between me and St. Pete.

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    1. Thomas might have been an Anglican for a while, but we can actually see his conversion to Methodism when he no longer doubted, came to believe in the Virgin Birth, declared Christ Lord and God, and went on a mission trip.

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