The Angels Rejoiced Last Night

The above video features Rhonda Vincent and Rebecca Lynn Howard performing what has quickly become a favorite of mine.

We live in a very trouble world, as you may have noticed, and the very base unit of humanity is under attack. We have mothers and fathers who act only as machines for reproduction, expecting to enjoy the act of creation and to dismiss the created. Families are the beginnings of civilization, the very root of our communities. Without the basic family unit, we have no communities, and thus no civilization.

I heard the Dolly Parton/Sonya Isaacs version on XM-14 last night on my way home from Church. Being tone deaf, bluegrass is the only music that I can actually pick out and enjoy. (Or maybe Souther Gospel just sounds like everything else and thus I reject it). As you will see from the lyrics, it tells the story of a harden father made low by the death of his wife. I have to wonder, how many homes now experience a set of hardened hearts…hardened to the word of God, to the love of God, to the grace of God. And what does that do to the family? The children, I mean.

What drives love but God?

What drives compassion but the mercies of God?

When this world finally rids itself of the awful burden of a loving God, what will become of the children? Who will take care of them when their loving, and many of them God-fearing, grandparents and parents are gone. From whom will the children learn compassion and to be led by the heart instead of the wallet or the survival instinct? What about the love for one another that is derived from being in a family?

Doesn’t a family teach children about love, security and responsibility? Doesn’t the family show the nature of the relationship between God, the Church, and us?

Do you realize that in 2005 nearly 1500 children died from child abuse, but some researchers say that about 50 to 60% of children deaths by abuse are unreported?

In the song, the father is pictured as a drunk and angry man, with the usual sin of gambling. He wasted the time that he had with his children, and railed against the wife’s submission to Christ. In the end, it took the words of his dying wife to bring him around. That is not always the case for parents who need humbling. And if it does happen, how solid is that person anchored in the Church?

We have to remember to pray for the families, not just those ‘in Church’ but all families as all share the same responibility, whether they know it or not. I would hate to stand in front of God and give account to the Judge and Father of us all, on my example that shoved my children from God. I would hate to think that my life hardened my children from God or that I allowed them to do anything that they wanted just to get them out of my hair, pushing them into sin. So pray for the children and the families.

Here, first.

Go here. I know that this is old, but go here too. And here

Written by Ira & Charlie Louvin

A house, not a home
Was the picture Satan painted
For sweet little sister and me
Our daddy would frown
While mother was prayin’
His heart was so hardened
That he would not believe

In anger he’d swear
His voice cold and loud
His Sundays were spent
Out with the gamblin’ crowd
I’ve never seen my daddy
Inside a house of God
For Satan held his hand
Down the path of sin he trod

Not long ago
Our circle was broken
When God called on mother one night
In a voice sweet and low
Her last words were spoken
Asking our daddy
To raise her children right

The angels rejoiced
In Heaven last night
I heard my daddy pray
Dear God, make it right
He was smiling and singing
With tears in his eyes
While mother with the angels
Rejoiced last night
While mother with the angels
Rejoiced last night

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