The Accountant

Once there was this guy, who was an accountant. He was the son of an accountant, who was the son of an account, as far back as they can remember in their history. From the time he was born, he was raised to handle money, to value money, and to know how to be successful with money. He excelled at school in Maths (yes, in New Zealand we say/spell it properly.. Mathematic_S_ = MathS — see?), and later at accounting and bookkeeping. He went on to study commerce and business management and get the appropriate post graduate degrees.

He carried on the family business and made it a huge success. The company became known as one of the leading firms in the country and everyone wanted to employ them. He married, had children and raised them up as He had been raised.

There was though, a problem, the man was not happy. Oh sure, he loved his business and put alot of work into it, but there was something missing in his life. He was unsatisfied, and over time became more and more miserable. Eventually people began to notice and sent him to a counselor. After a long period of soul searching, discussing with his wife and family, and trusted advisors, the man decided to give up the family business, and move to the country, and buy a farm.

Now, the accountant loved to grow things, and had a wonderful garden at home, everyone said he had green  fingers, and so he ripped into his new farm with gusto. After time though, he discovered that things were not working out how he planned them. Projects he started never finished, seeds planted never grew, crops that did grow never looked great and seemed small and pasty looking. Occasionally he would meet another farmer who would give him a pointer or two, but he seemed out of his depth. He loved the country life, but he started to get more and more disillusioned.

Eventually his bank manager spoke to him and said, look, its just not working, are you sure you are cut out for this? The accountant thought about it and said, yes, I am sure I am called to do this, its my passion, but I am not making any headway. The bank manager suggested a short course at the local high school on horticulture, in the evenings. So he went off and learned a little bit. Over the course of a year he got a 30minute class every week, and he learned a bit. He did still not seem to be making any headway, although some of his crops he managed to grow.

Finally the accountant met one of his neighbours (yes this is the correct spelling too 🙂 who ran a successful farm a few miles away. The old farmer said to him, well son, the thing is, i was born and raised on the farm, the son of a farmer, who was the son of a farmer, but I still had to go to school and learn how to farm. You’re never too old to learn.

The accountant thought about it, and realised the truth, he had to forget everything he knew, and relearn how to live like a farmer. He asked the Old Farmer if he could, in return for some advice, help him out on his farm, and learn a bit from him. The old farmer agreed, and took him on as though he was one of his own sons.

The accountant also signed up at the local PolyTech (in NZ its a place where you do post high school “technical” education – focussed on the practical), and did a course. Hungry now for knowledge, he went on to University and did post grad studies in his area. Eventually, with help from the old Farmer, and his studies, the farm began to prosper. Crops grew, machinery worked, seasons came and went, and eventually the accountant began to teach others, just as the old farmer had done for him. With some years of experience, he went into the local farming community and began to help out new farmers. The farmer finally felt like he was making a difference, that he was successful, and that he had finally left behind “the accountant” and was now “the farmer”.

Matt 18:3 “.. I tell you the truth, unless you become like little children and start again from the beginning, you will NEVER enter the kingdom of heaven”

How many of us become Christians, move from the darkness into the light, from one world into another, and try and exist on 20 mins of learning about “how to be successful in God’s world” a week?

In the western Church the numbers are huge. Its no wonder we get laughed at, we’re like 3 year olds trying to run a marketing company.

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