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9 Replies to “Texas”

  1. To further complicate matters for the Texas boys, the rogue fertilizer plant was reportedly hording something like 1,350 times more ammonium nitrate than it should have been to be inspected by DHS. Yet, no one notified the feds.

    Ammonium nitrate is the IED component that made Timothy McVeigh infamous. The chemical composition becomes highly unstable when heated. If the Marathon bombers had packed their pressure cookers with ammonium nitrate, Bostonians might still be picking up body parts!

      1. Well, as the residue is blown by the winds as described in John 3:8, it is most certainly deregulated.

  2. According to recent news reports, the Governor of Texas is demanding that the Sacramento [California] Bee apologize for a political cartoon that the newspaper ran shortly after the fertilizer plant exploded. The offending cartoon may be seen by following the link below:
    P.S. There is more evidence that lax regulation and enforcement endangers people than there is that the deadly duo kills jobs. The Texas fertilizer plant explosion is just the most recent example.

    1. I saw his whining. Seems to me that if the Governor wishes to be taken seriously (and there is no hope for that) he might spend more time patrolling the regs than whining about an out-of-state cartoonist.

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