Tertullian – The Universalist?

It is therefore quite in keeping with this order of things, that that part of our nature should be the first to have the recompense and reward to which they are due on account of its priority. In short, inasmuch as we understand “the prison” pointed out in the Gospel to be Hades, and as we also interpret “the uttermost farthing” to mean the very smallest offence which has to be recompensed there before the resurrection,10 no one will hesitate to believe that the soul undergoes in Hades some compensatory discipline, without prejudice to the full process of the resurrection, when the recompense will be administered through the flesh besides.- Treatise of the Soul LVIII

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7 Replies to “Tertullian – The Universalist?”

        1. Who needs the entire passage when I can take a snippet which seems to support my theory?

          (Sarcasm – I am hoping that others will read the entire passage)

    1. From what he taught elsewhere he didn’t believe any Saints went to Hades. He said that the Martyrs went directly to God’s Throne, and the other believers to Abraham’s Bosom, only the Heathen went to Hades proper.

      His views on the Afterlife are still not exactly compatible with mine, as I see no torment in contemporary Hades, just the Lake of Fire. But I am a Universalist.

      It seems he gets blamed for for creating the Eternal Torment doctrine because he was the first to translate Aionios as the Latin word for Eternal. But maybe what he meant by Eternal isn’t what we assume.

      I also know he didn’t list Unviersalism among his list of Heresies.

      I do believe in The Rapture, but a “Mid-Trib” rather then Pre-Trib view.

      1. In “On The Resurrection” the main section that makes it seem like eh’s affirming Endless Torment is the point where his goal is to refute Annihilation. Later in the work he says All Flesh shall see the Salvation of God and that God will our Out His Spirit on All Flesh.

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