Talking to Mary

I was chatting to a friend at church, and she told me she prayed to Mary. I was initially taken aback, thinking why would a pentecostal protestant be praying to Mary?

She explained that while she sees Mary as the equal of all other humans, she believes that Mary has a special place in Heaven as the blessed mother of Jesus, meaning we can pray to Mary. She doesn’t believe that Mary has any power, nor can answer prayers, nor has any influence over Jesus, nor that Mary should be venerated or worshipped in anyway.

Thinking about what she told me, I think that she is talking to Mary not praying to Mary. She is talking to Mary as a friend and equal who is the mother of Jesus, not praying to Mary as a delegated deity who can do something for her.

Maybe surprisingly, I have no problem with what my friend told me. She is treating Mary with the respect Mary deserves, not raising Mary to a level that she believes Mary would reject, as Mary submitted herself to God.

I don’t think I’ll be having a chat to Mary today. But I have no problem that my friend talks to Mary. Because she prays to Jesus!

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11 Replies to “Talking to Mary”

  1. We are not to pray to any one other than God. If you are talking to what you think is Mary like she mentions as the way she did, that is praying. It is idolatry. The Mary that people pray to is not the Mary of the bible. It is demonic.

  2. Melissa, since I escaped from Catholicism, I have only prayed to God and he is the only one I will pray to.

    Accepting my friend at face value, I reckon she is in effect talking to a real imaginary friend (Mary is indeed real of course). The conversation is one way. There is no answer as she doesn’t want an answer. She prays to God for answers.

    In the depths of my depression 5 years ago I was talking to a teddy bear as that gave me comfort. It was in no way demonic, I was just very unhappy and very depressed.

  3. @Just Sayin: If you think you know me, you have no idea. I am trying to be softer, hence I have been accepting of what my friend said.

  4. @just sayin: are you trying to condemn me?

    Fyi, My mother was a Catholic, went to Mass almost everyday of her adult life, and is in Heaven. As is my father who was a Catholic.

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