Speaking of humility… How many mistruths can you spot?

Jason cites a ‘review‘ (polemical responses aren’t reviews; they are sad instances of someone defending their own presuppositions against anything

Religion and Politics

Indiana soon to be allowed to teach Scientology’s origin theories…. and Islam

The Indiana Senate has approved a bill to allow the state’s public schools to teach creationism in science classes as

Christian Education

Indiana’s Senate Education Committee sends Creationism Legislation to Senate Vote

Ever notice how all the wrong people are put in charge of all the wrong things? Indiana’s Senate Education Committee,


Dr. James McGrath, Tony Breeden, Ken Ham….

I want to touch on this again… dead horse and all… When you begin to read Scripture with presuppositions, you


When does it become anti-Semitic to treat Genesis 1 as a Western-style history?

I love the way that Young Earth Creationists add things to Scripture. Granted, this is an ‘old post’ (from December,


Senter – More Creation Science Which Defeats Creationism: Flood Geology

Dr. Phil Senter writes, According to the young-earth creationist (YEC) paradigm, the narratives recorded in the biblical book of Genesis


Non-literal Numbers in the Old Testament

This is such a simple concept that I almost feel ridiculous writing about it, but YECs have swarmed this blog

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An Open Letter to Young Earth Creationists, Inerrantists and other -ists

Dear Young Earth Creationists, Inerrantists and other -ists, You and I may disagree, but when we do so, please refrain