Creationism 101

I’d contend that they weren’t writing science, but since the Hamites do…


South Korea leads the U.S. in moving backwards

Mention creationism, and many scientists think of the United States, where efforts to limit the teaching of evolution have made


46% of Americans are Creationists

Forty-six percent of Americans believe in the creationist view that God created humans in their present form at one time


The Gospel, According to Ken Ham

Poor guy… and he wonders why people say what they say about him… So, this is the Gospel? If you


Is Tony Breeden Anti-Semitic?

It certainly seems so. I mean, I’ve met him in person and he isn’t a dullard in the intelligence department…


Grasping at Straws (Men) by using St. Irenaeus

Someone who seriously doesn’t know how to dialogue constructively notes what he believes is the absolute proof that Evolution simply


How Ken Ham and other YEC Apologists are making Atheists

A few months ago, the Barna Group released a study which indicated that one of the reasons for the decline


Seagrass that is older than the Earth – Posidonia oceanica v Ken Ham

I hate facts. They get in the way of just so much… Scientists calculated the age of the plants from