If for no other reason, watch Noah because of @AiGKenHam’s freakout

This is the trailer:

Ham is characteristically freaking out – almost as much as the Dagon worshipers in one of those books of Daniel. Oddly enough he calls out the Jews for his support, although he doesn’t really understand much about Second Temple interpretation of Noah from the Jewish perspective nor even modern rabbinical commentary. This is apparent because he like wise misses the material, at least in the trailer in his preview (of a movie he hasn’t seen), present from the pseudepigrapha.

Reading Ham makes this movie that much more seeable.

Pennsylvania to walk with the dinosaurs

Bloom calls it a move to protect “academic freedom.” The Philadelphia Inquirer quotes Bloom as saying, “In the real world, outside of academia, scientific theory is up for all kinds of argument. I don’t think it’s right to exclude any particular kind of argument prima facie. If a student wants to discuss a criticism, he or she should be able to.”

Nothing on the Pennsylvania books forbids the sort of questioning that Bloom says he wants to protect. This isn’t a matter of academic freedom. It’s yet another attempt to force a right-wing religious agenda into public schools.

via A Bad Idea By Design: Pa. Lawmakers Revive Creationism Push | Americans United.

I honestly have no idea what that phrase in bold actually means. I mean, is academia not the real world? Does this real world operate on the same need to establish facts, theories, and other such quantifiable data in order to make a decision?

So help me… if this comes to West Virginia, I’m done. Moving to New Caledonia.

Is @AiG a Marxist organization?

Karl Marx once wrote and then scratched out these words:

We know only a single science, the science of history. One can look at history from two sides and divide it into the history of nature and the history of men. The two sides are, however, inseparable; the history of nature and the history of men are dependent on each other so long as men exist. The history of nature, called natural science, does not concern us here; but we will have to examine the history of men, since almost the whole ideology amounts either to a distorted conception of this history or to a complete abstraction from it. Ideology is itself only one of the aspects of this history.

Since the history of nature (evolution) doesn’t concern them, but they insist on everything turning to focus on history… maybe they are Marxists.

(sorry for the snark, just happened to cross me as funny)