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Smoked. Because I can. Jesus said I can eat anything, because all food is clean. “Are you so dull?” he

Clement of Rome

Clement of Rome on Justification by Works

Following the Brother of Jesus, James who in his epistle wrote, ‘You see that a man is justified by works


Some notes on Pelagianism

This is coming from class today… Image via Wikipedia The human will is unspoiled Adam’s sin affected only himself There


Sirach 3.24-29 – The Heart

Continuing our commentary on Sirach, (24)  A hard heart will be afflicted at the end, and whoever loves danger will

Clement of Rome

Is repentance necessary?

Just a quick thought. I am not much for writing or speaking these things, but from time to time I

Sermon Notes

One Day – Sermon notes

ONE DAY 2 Peter 3.3-10 Longsuffering for repentance and mockers and scoffer, God is not slack concerning His promises. Messiah