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Bible the Word of God? – an Islamic view

I know the Bible to be the Word of God. Dr Amir Nasri, the professor of philosophy at the Islamic

Vincent of Lerins

Vincent of Lerins – Why the Church decides the Interpretation of Scripture

I was first made familiar of Vincent of Lerins through the use of the Orthodox Study Bible, finding him to


Scripture Does Not Speak of Christ

TC has a post up of an essay written by someone else. This is a part of it, but read


Quote on Karl Rahner on the Incarnation

“What does it mean that the Word of God became human? Isn’t God unchanging? What we have to say is


Time with Nehemiah – Renewal

The Walls were finished; a civilian ruled Jerusalem; people were coming back to the City. It was time to celebrate.


Lecture on Hebrews

Mr. Joseph has posted the following information at his blog: David Allen, Dean of the School of Theology at Southwerstern


Is the Bible the Word of God? No

Bible – a commonly misunderstood, or perhaps misused word, in referring to the Scriptures given to us through the Apostles

Church History

Studies in the Economy – The Two Hands of God

I have been working on this for some time, so please, let it rip. God is one, of this, there