Society and Religion

Bishop Willimon on #GC2012 – Grand Slam

While General Conference dithered, the Council of Bishops drastically reorganized, streamlined and economized our work, realigning ourselves to lead vital

Religion and Politics

Willimon on Religious Pluralism as a Means to the New State

The modern world has convinced itself that differences in religion are terribly dangerous, the source of great conflict and peril.


Willimon on Substitionary Atonement

Willimon doesn’t take kindly to PSA. He writes, on 112-113: The salvation that once was corporate and social was made


Willimon on the Political Victory of the Cross

This may be difficult for some to hear, but the Northern Alabama Bishop writes that these man-made principalities are nothing


Willimon’s Understanding of Barth’s Rationalizing of his universalism

Among the first things which I learned as a ‘biblioblogger’ (or rather from a biblioblogger?) is to understand the speaker,


Willimon on Salvation as a Theological Narrative, not Anthropological

A commentator noted a few of these posts ago that Willimon liked Narrative Theology. I am not always a fan


Willimon on the Right Jesus and the right Intersection between God and Humanity

As I noted earlier today, I have taken issue in the past with those who confuse the Isa of Islam


Willimon, Powers, and maybe not going far enough

I am not a Willimon expert, but I have to wonder if he is not an adherent to Christus Victor.