Canonical Theism: What is it?

What is Canonical Theism? It… …is intimately tied to the notion of the canonical heritage of the Church.  The Church


Quote of the Day: Abraham and Watson – “Creedal Faith”

In this month’s Circuit Rider (the print magazine of Ministry Matters), Drs. William Abraham. They conclude, Wesley knew what so


William Abraham on the Importance of Doctrine #UMC


This is what should be done #umc @utsdoc

First, let me recommend the book Dr. Watson mentions in his post. Second, this is the move I wish many

John Wesley

Abraham declares Wesleyan Theology Dead

In a comment today, John Poirier notes something which Abraham had said. I found this article similar to the report,


Thoughts on William J. Abraham’s Logic of Renewal

For the Church Renewal Class, we are reading several books and writing about a page on them… so, I intend