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Slideshow of the Montcoal Mine Disaster

It can be found here.


West Virginia, Wisdom, and Jerusalem – Mothers all

We often personify objects, whether concrete or abstract. Ships, nations, cities, powerful storms are gendered as ‘she.’ We can joke

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Something on Coal Miners

There will be tributes, no doubt, and they will abound but the best tribute we can offer is daily remembrance

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29 Coal Miners Fallen

The mine rescue teams found the bodies of the remaining four coal miners bringing the total of confirmed deaths to

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Serious Coal Miner Accident

You can find the details here. Part of my day job is to participate in the investigations of these events.

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My Son and The Icicle

It has snowed since June here, or rather, it has felt that way. In my opinion, I think it is

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Memory Lane

In 1995 my mother passed away (I was seventeen) and it was not until a year later when the inheritance


A good Saturday, a better Sunday

We are tired, my family and I. We were traveling the southern part of the State all day yesterday, which