Religion and Politics

Is it okay to lie or misrepresent facts in a testimony to the WV State Legislature?

I intend to write an op-ed later about this, but I noticed a certain issue with Jeremiah Dys, the president

Religion and Politics

Dear FEMA, how low can you go?

“I strongly disagree with FEMA’s decision to deny sorely needed federal assistance to the victims of the unprecedented June 2012


Personal insight into the gay agenda

I attended this meeting this afternoon. It was met with no protest and all those who attended seemed to “the


I kid you not… only in West Virginia

An Alum Creek man found wearing lingerie as he stood next to the carcass of a goat would stand trial

Society and Religion

Please pray for the Wheeling-Charleston Diocese

A man who spoke of “an emptiness where my soul should be” following years of sexual abuse testified Wednesday that

Religion and Politics

Real West Virginia Justice – Marmaduke Dent

Justice Dent declared war on the railroads by trying to restrain their open abuse of the special privileges granted to

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Public Defender, Defend Thyself

Charleston police arrested Kanawha County Public Defender Steve Conifer Wednesday afternoon after searching his apartment last week and seizing several

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So Long, Hazel Dickens, I’ll miss you

I awoke to the sad news this morning that the jewel of these mountains had died. Her music helped shaped