United Methodist Church

More on #UMC fraudulent marriage in West Virginia

This is from a previous discussion. Dave is raising some good points, but I want to point out a few


#WV Book Announcement – River Town

There is not much to tell just yet — I’m not associated with it — but it is a collection

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It’s Monday Morning in West Virginia

Do I need to say anything else?  

Religion and Politics

WV Delegate wants Science Fiction Taught in Schools

“In Southern West Virginia, there’s a bit of a Calvinistic attitude toward life – this is how things are and



I was able to return to the city of my birth for a few days in order to visit my


Did the Building block of Life come from Space?

The scientists used the National Science Foundation’s Green Bank Telescope (GBT) in West Virginia to study a giant cloud of

Religion and Politics

Is Boone County Sheriff, Randall White, an idiot? #WV

He has written a letter to President Obama stating, “It is with all due respect, I wish to inform you


Pretty sure this explains #Buckwild