Watching Intervention and reading Addiction and Virtue @ivpress

Maybe you are from a good family, a good community, somewhat isolated from the rest of the world… one of


Addicts as… @ivpress

Addiction is in fact a kind of embodied cultural critique of modernity and the addict a kind of unwitting modern


Short Essay on the Three Categories of Ethics

This is an assignment due today. Thought I’d post it. Rip it to shreds, my friends: ___ Deontological ethics are


Aristotle, Virtue, Calvinism, Neuroscience, Freewill and stuff

Doubtful that you’ll know the source, and I don’t feel like posting them at the moment. But… these are responses


Atheism and Humanist Values

There is nothing inherently “humanistic” about atheism, and some forms of militant atheism–the outwardly obnoxious, deliberately offensive kind now primarily