Christmas: The Time for Feminism (Repost – 2014)

Image via Wikipedia The post from Dr. Gayle mentioned below is still one of my favorites. I have updated it


Joseph, Husband of Mary (Repost – 2014)

Image via Wikipedia This is a yearly repost… One of the most forgotten men in the Scriptures is Joseph, who


Is Tabor right? Did Paul know/invent the Virgin Birth?

These legendary stories from Greco-Roman culture may well have contributed to accounts of Jesus’ miraculous birth in Matthew and Luke

Dead Sea Scrolls

Insert Pun about the Virgin Birth – My take

First, it begins here with comments by Dr. Francesca Stavrakopoulou, an expert in the Hebrew bible. T. Michael Law, the expert in


Polkinghorne on the Virgin Birth

Luke, very explicitly in his story of the Annunciation (1.34-35), and Matthew, more obliquely (1.18), both assert the virginal conception

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Mary, the mother of Jesus, on Jesus

Rightly, Mary, the mother of Jesus, was Blessed and special. She had to be. God the Father chose her to


Scripture in Community: The 12 year old girl knocked up by the Spirit

Image via Wikipedia Read the introduction here. Mary’s story: In the sixth month of Elizabeth’s pregnancy, God sent the angel


Did Paul Believe or otherwise know of the Virgin Birth?

Or so was the question posed last night. As we know from the Creeds, the Virgin Birth of Jesus Christ