Roger E. Olson on the “minor heresy” of universalism

I think universalism is a minor heresy SO LONG AS it does not interfere with evangelism. (See my earlier post


Review: Love Wins: A Book About Heaven, Hell, and the Fate of Every Person Who Ever Lived

The hype devoted to this book was not worth it, and I suspect, had John Piper not tweeted his now-infamous


Is Sodom the Bellweather for Universal Restoration?

In reading ]]’s book, ]]. he mentions Sodom as a symbol of how God’s purpose in destruction is redemption. I


Rob Bell, Luther, and Context is King

In his book, ]], Rob Bell, quotes Luther’s letter is Hans von Rechenberg. Here is the text from Martin Luther’s


Universalism in Revelation? Mounce equals LeHaye?

Chad writes, When I first began exploring the radical, scandalous, and often controversial theological position that God may in the

Religion and Politics

What Universal Reconciliation Might Look Like

HT I don’t know if I could agree to that… You? If this was how it really was, would you


Early Christian Interpretation of 1 Peter 3.18-4.6

Hermes was connected to church at Rome, or at least Tradition tells us this. In this, he would have no


Every person, without exception, REDEEMED! – John Paul II

This man is the way for the Church – a way that, in a sense, is the basis of all