God Wins Chapter 5 – The Pitfalls of Literalism

The hermeneutical trend of reading the bible in such a way as to take literal the words on paper allowing


God Wins Chapter 4 – Calvinism ≠ Biblical, Galli’s view ≠ Bell’s words

I am hesitant to post such a title, especially about Calvinism, especially since I do think that Calvinism contains biblical


God Wins Chapter 3 – Mischaracterizations, Hypocrisy and the Substitutionary Atonement

With three chapters completed, I have become convinced that Galli hasn’t read Love Wins, or has read Love Wins in


God Wins Chapter 2 – Still no questions, because God is Transcendent

In truth, I almost entitled this post ‘Mark Galli is not a Theologian, Good, Bad, or Otherwise’ but I am


A Sample Review: NLT Parallel Study Bible Sampler

Thanks to Adam for this Sampler. The entire bible is due on August 1. As a fan of the NLT


God Wins: Chapter 1 – No Questions.

Before you read this reflection on Chapter 1, you can actually read the chapter here. As I noted in a


God Wins – Chapter 1 – Rodney’s view

The fact is is that Galli is not writing this book out of pastoral concerns, but from a journalist’s perspective,


God Wins: The Dedication and Introduction Examined and Refuted

Over the next week or so, I will be posting various posts on this particular book which has been recently