@tyndalehouse Review: Chronological Life Application Study Bible NLT

In anything except for relationships, it is always grand to return to your first love. As a young and nubile


In the Mail: Chronological Life Application Study Bible NLT

Thanks to the kind folks at Tyndale House for sending this review copy: The Bible is the story of God’s

Society and Religion

@Tyndalehouse sues to avoid HHS mandate

Tyndale House Publishers, a Bible-only publishing house, filed suit against the government yesterday, arguing that the Obama administration’s contraceptive mandate


Contest: The #NLT Life Application Study #Bible #iPad App – for free, 3 copies, get ’em while they’re HAWT

This is a fantastic app – which I hope to review by tomorrow, but… here is Chris’ review. You want


The NLT Life Application Study Bible is now on iPad @tyndalehouse

You can read about it at the NLT Blog. Also, Tyndale was kind enough to send me a copy of


God Wins Chapter 8 – Well…

No doubt, in reading my other reviews of Mark’s book, you will have detected that I might not like what


God Wins Chapter 7 – No questions, Bad Theology, Bad History, No Context

The review of the last chapter, 5, came in at over 3000 words. I don’t think that chapter had that


God Wins Chapter 6 – No Questions, Yes to Paradoxes, but don’t look at them

At the end of this chapter-by-chapter response to God Wins, I will post a review in which I will try