Review, “@TyndaleHouse Select NLT: Select Reference Edition”

For the bibliophile, there is barely anything more joyful than a finely pieced book. Yes, it is about the interior,


Another day, another publisher investigates @PastorMark

Warren Throckmorton¬†points out on his blog, that Crossway is investigating charges about Driscoll’s plagiarism while pointing us to an article


@tyndalehouse’s “nuanced” “mistake” about Janet Mefferd’s apology

In the press release regarding Mark Driscoll’s “mistakes,” Tyndale says: In the days following the interview, the talk show host


Farewell, @tyndalehouse.

Tyndale House is standing behind Mark Driscoll even though more allegations of plagiarism are surfacing. They are hiding behind nuances


Academic Integrity, Paraphrasing Plagiarism according to Princeton University (@pastormark @tyndalehouse)

Part of the issue is this idea of “market standard.” Is “market standard” less than an academic standard? I doubt


Um, @johnpiper calls out @pastormark and @tyndalehouse over plagiarism



How to report @PastorMark’s book to @Amazon

First, for the background, see here. Then, go here. Do you see the Feedback box? Look for: Would you like

Society and Religion

@ivpress calls out the lack “proper citation” re: @pastormark

InterVarsity Press tells CT: Several paragraphs from the New Bible Commentary edited by G. J. Wenham, J. A. Motyer, D.