Oh Tony, you keep using that word…, or, in favor of St. James of the McGraths

I haven’t covered this for a while, but I see Tony Breeden is now attacking the Apostle Paul and Jesus


I don’t think you understand Creator ontologically

It bugs me when certain people pretend to know what they are talking about. For instance, Hambone suggests that the entirety of


I don’t often agree with T-Breeden (T-B, T-hamBone) but when I do…

No Bible-affirming Christian should EVER use the term “retard,” “retarded” or any other variant of the R-word, no matter how snarky


Is Tony Breeden Anti-Semitic?

It certainly seems so. I mean, I’ve met him in person and he isn’t a dullard in the intelligence department…


Speaking of humility… How many mistruths can you spot?

Jason cites a ‘review‘ (polemical responses aren’t reviews; they are sad instances of someone defending their own presuppositions against anything


The Intellectual Dishonesty of “Believing it, Defending it, Proclaiming it” @AiG

That is the motto of Answers in Genesis:     When you start with ‘believing it’ as the first principle,


Dr. James McGrath, Tony Breeden, Ken Ham….

I want to touch on this again… dead horse and all… When you begin to read Scripture with presuppositions, you


10 – 12 February 2012 — Evolution Weekend

I’ve never really been a supporter of this – and I’m not a pastor to make these decision – but