@ivpacademic’s Holy War in the Bible – some videos

I received this in the mail late last week, and will review it later, but for now, here are some videos. You’ll


Orthopraxy trumps Orthodoxy

There is little doubt that my personal theology is experiencing changes. For one, I have serious doubts as the actions

New Testament

Gombis on Us On Paul

The good Dr. Gombis has an excellent article in Christianity Today about the Apostle Paul, or perhaps it is more


Quote of the Day: Divine Election vs. God’s Love

We pervert divine election when we take it out of the context of God’s love for his people and use


Quote of the Day: God’s Love Letter to ME

By Dr. Gombis – American evangelical Christian identity is completely shaped by individualism for a variety of really fascinating historical


Perhaps the Greatest News to Hit Biblioblogging in a Long Time

Or maybe theoblogging although I don’t see the difference since to make good theology, in my opinion, requires biblical scholarship….


Review: The Drama of Ephesians: Participating in the Triumph of God

Did  you know that God is the most high but not  alone on the cosmic stage? It so declares ]]


Timothy Gombis on the Church as the Temple

I admit – I enjoy a good historical drama mixed with a lot of science fiction. While not exactly the