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Ralph Ellis is absolutely* right* about Tom Verenna

Ralph has maintained that Tom has never gone to Rutgers U. And now Tom is leaving Rutgers (best of luck


Reviewing ‘Is this not the Carpenter?” – Round 1

My goal is to not disparage this entire book as one might hope. I do think that given the breadth


Moving Forward with the (a)Historical(ist) Jesus, or, shoot, I need better titles

This seems to be a day for it… Anyway, there are three posts I want to call your attention to.


Literary Criticism as a path forward for Textual Criticism?

Tom is an interesting cat. I think he would like to, filled with a profound sense of mistrust, dispense with


Pick a side, Tom – Part II

Tom writes, It just so happens I think that some (please note: some–not all, not most) mythicists have sounder arguments


Pick a side, Tom

Indeed, Carrier has shown his true colors–his true colors are that of an actual credible scholar who takes pride in


Tom’s Questions on Mythicism and the Historical Jesus

Tom asks several questions, two of which interest me: What parts of the Gospels are historical and which are tradition


Joel, as seen on Family Guy

Tom has sort of started a meme. Of course I don’t watch Family Guy because it is a vile and