The Subtle Heresy of William Lane Craig and Why It Matters

This is another rather lengthy post, whereby I seek to clarify the orthodox Christological position of dyothelitism against the heretical


Oden on the “chauvinist”

Reading in Oden in the wake of his passing… In the weakness of their waning ideologies, secular chauvinists have focused

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A “boring” theologian as passed 

Tom Oden has passed. His loss will be felt by the grater Wesleyan world as well as those in love


Review, “A Change of Heart: A Personal and Theological Memoir” @ivpacademic

This is a guest post by Evan W. Rohrs-Dodge, a UMC pastor in New Jersey and a founding member of


In the Mail from @ivpacademic, “A Change of Heart: A Personal and Theological Memoir”

This is going to be awesome. Oden is one of the premier Wesleyan intellectuals and theologians today. I believe his


Review: Commentary on Jeremiah (Ancient Christian Texts) @ivpacademic

IVP-Academic has continued their Ancient Christian Texts series with a new commentary on Jeremiah by the fourth and fifth century


Review: Latin Commentaries on Revelation (Ancient Christian Texts) @ivpress

One of the greatest contributions to the academic mind of the Church these last few years has been the publication


Review: On the Way to the Cross @ivpress

There has been a move towards a more contemplative spirit in Protestantism, and in small way, ]] and Intervarsity Press