St. Thomas Aquinas on the Theologian and Orthopraxy

Orthopraxy, the theme for a while among us United Methodists, is not new. The discussion is ancient. It is old.


Thomas Aquinas on the Fast of #Lent

On the second head it is to be noted, that this “day of salvation” exhorts and invites us by eight

Religion and Politics

Bottum’s up on Conservative Catholic support of equal marriage

Well, isn’t this something… “And if,” Mr. Bottum writes, “heterosexual monogamy so lacks the old, enchanted metaphysical foundation that it

Logos Bible Software

Look what @Logos has done to Thomas Aquinas

We are on track to complete the first-ever translations of some of Aquinas’ most crucial works and make them available


Quote of the Day: Kent Dunnington @ivpress

A powerful argument that addiction is not a disease, nor immoral… We are neither taught nor inclined to think of

Church History

Looking for Thomas: Aquinas’ Ethics in Today’s World

This is, um, rough draft of an ethics paper… The great political ethicists of the Enlightenment Era have failed us.


Aristotle, Augustine, Aquinas – The Good Life

So this is a classwork assignment. Rough draft. Blah blah blah. I didn’t want to put in what I really


Thoughts on Thomas Aquinas and Ethics

So, I am still recovering and feel brain-clogged. Excuse the mess: __ My friend Thomas never ceases to amaze me.