Wisdom of Solomon is Against Carrier’s Eschatological Isaiah 53

Before I was invested so heavily with Mark, I was a huge fan of the Wisdom of Solomon. Reading through

Dead Sea Scrolls

Thom Stark buries Richard Carrier – 11QMelchizedek (11Q13)

This second part of my response to Richard Carrier will deal essentially with the interpretation of three texts: Daniel 9:24-27,


Refutation – Thom Stark Style

Richard Carrier has confidently stated that in some of the comments on his blog he has “refuted” “most” of my critique of


Thom Stark runs over Richard Carrier

I know, I know, but I like Thom. I do. Sure, we might disagree about a few things, or not,

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Insert Usual Joelian Ironic Title – Just consider looking into this post

Watch this: Now… go here. Profiling America is an “open-source” documentary. That means that every aspect of the project from fundraising,

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Thom’s Stark Review of Paul Copan’s “Is God a Moral Monster?”

(I’m in there somewhere, seriously, like my name is mentioned!) This is my review of Paul Copan’s Is God a


On Young Earth Creationists as Theological Liberals

]] has a pretty good piece up, which in part reads, From the vantage point of my tradition, I am


The Human Faces of God – Stark answers Loftus

Please note, that after I am finished with this giveaway (Feb 25th), I will be giving away Thom’s book (great